Tuesday, March 16, 2010


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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mrs. Fish

Mrs. Fish is one of the little hidden gems in Myrtle Beach. Having lived in Mytle Beach for 7 years I am constantly surprised at how many locals have never heard of this Fish restaurant. I have actually had people get angry with me for having kept it a secret from them once they have had the opportunity to enjoy the great cuisine.

Located in the heart of Myrtle Beach, just a stones throw ftom the City Hall, and hidden just a few steps from Kings Highway by Maryland Fried Chicken and the Methodist church, Mrs. Fish offers up a fishy fare not to be missed on a trip to Myrtle Beach.

Although the facade of this establishment leaves a little to be desired don't let it fool you about what can be found inside. Of course if you are not a fish eater you may be dissappointed but Mrs. Fish offers many options such as Mahi Mahi, Grouper, shrimp and all other manners of seafood delights. My favorite fish dish remains the grilled grouper with a lump crab cake added. There are many great sides to choose from including the fresh cut french fries, hushpuppies, green beans or if you ask they may even give you a bit of their excellent seafood gumbo over rice.
I would suggest you visit this little Myrtle Beach gem for lunch but be sure to get there early as the limited seating can fill up fast on certain days. They have excellent lunch pricing and large portions of food but the night pricing goes up for dinner and for the same amount of food so lunch is definately the right time to enjoy this hidden treasure near the sea. Get you GPS ready as this is a difficult restaurant to find if you are not from the area due to the roadway changes that were made a few years back. Don't worry if you get lost though, stop and ask someone in the local businesses and they will surely know where Mrs Fish can be found, or will they?

Mrs Fish is at: 919 Broadway Street, Myrtle Beach, SC‎ - (843) 946-6869‎

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gordon Biersch @ Market Commons

Gordon Biersch is a local restaurant and brewery with excellent food and great beer to match. The atmosphere is great without crazy prices. I went there for lunch today and they have an excellent menu with many items under 10 bucks. I have three favorites that I like to order but everytime I try something new I gain a new favorite so you will probably be safe with anything you order. One of my favs is the meatloaf plate for dinner or lunch which features meatloaf slices (with sausage in them) and a side of garlic mash potatoes and veggies.

Another favorite is the grilled cheese and tomatoe sandwich with garlic fries. My third favorite, and a plate I am constantly on the hunt for, is the mushroom swiss burger cooked the way you like served with garlic fries. If you are not a fan of garlic fries they have regular fries as well as other options. 

I am fan of the mushroom swiss burger and Gordon Biersch is one of the best in the area.

As you can see they have outside seeting when the weather is right and it is a great place to have a lunch or dinner and watch people pass by. If you have not been to the Market Commons it can be a little difficult to find but hosts some great restaurants and shopping opportunities as well as a theatre.

Gordon Biersch
3060 Howard Ave
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
phone: (843) 839-0249
fax: (843) 839-0784
Dining Room: 11AM - 10PM
Bar: 11AM - 12AM

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mexico Lindo in Myrtle Beach

This is my favorite local mexican restaurant. It was called Chalupa at one time but now it is called Mexico Lindo. I went in for Sunday lunch today and it was excellent. They had a buffet and the food was fresh and tasted great. This restaurant has a nice bar and table seating with smoking or non smoking areas. Usually you would order off a menu but they offer a buffet at lunch on Sunday. If you like fajitas they have a special called the Chalupa Fajita Special for two. It is $20.00 and has fajita shrimp, smoke suasage, chicken and beef with fajita veggies and two plates of fixings as well as tortillas. It is enough food for 4 people.  If you are lucky enough to catch a Sunday buffet you can experience the homemade creamy flan and cheesecake they offer on the buffet dessert bar. You may also like to try the pinapple/ orange juice mixture they sale.

Mexico Lindo is in Myrtle Beach on Business HWY 17 (Kings Highway) at 21st Ave North. 2801 North Kings Highway 843-626-4566

If you are in the mood for great Mexican food at a good price then this is the place you want to go.

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